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Huatian Power is busy at the end of the year!

time:2020/10/23  reading:781 time

September and October of each year is a time period worth looking forward to for the salespeople in many industries, and our electrical measurement industry is no exception, because this period is a peak period of annual transactions. In September, it was successfully completed, and Huatian Power Marketing Department handed over a satisfactory answer sheet!

In October, with the frequent success of the marketing department and the rapid increase of product orders, the production and sales departments of Huatian Power became busier and carried out various work intensively to meet the golden period of sales.


In order not to delay the customer's on-site test and ensure that all customers can receive the equipment in time, Huatian Electric Power Production Department worked overtime, and the staff strived to complete the production and delivery tasks regardless of fatigue, and delivered each equipment to the customer's location with quality assurance. In addition, our company has strict management and control, and further improves the requirements on the quality inspection of products to ensure the quality passes.

Walking in Huatian Electric Power Production Workshop, the scene is full of fire. You can see that the employees are busy, gluing, assembling and assembling, and one machine produces cheerful production music. In our equipment quality inspection area, you can also see that the quality inspectors of Huatian Power are also busy, and the quality inspection shoulders the heavy responsibility of stabilizing the whole quality. Together with colleagues in the production line, they are busy every day and carefully check each equipment to solve the problems in the bud and ensure that each equipment leaves the factory in zero failure!


"Golden September and Silver October" is the harvest season. Huatian Power seized the opportunity, carefully organized, rationally deployed and worked overtime to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the production line. At present, we have received orders from many new and old customers, and many equipments have a large inventory and sufficient stocking. Therefore, after the transaction, our company will arrange quality inspection immediately and deliver goods quickly.

As one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in high voltage test in China, Huatian Power has developed into a high-tech electrical measurement service enterprise integrating production, research and development, sales and installation for 16 years. Adhering to the craftsmanship spirit of striving for perfection, we practice the promise of "building high-quality electrical measurement products professionally" with practical actions, so that every customer can buy Huatian electrical measurement products with confidence!


We look forward to wiping off the spark of cooperation with more customers. A large number of equipment such as Huatian Power's high-power meltblown cloth electrostatic electret device, intelligent dual-display insulation resistance tester and wireless high-voltage nuclear phase analyzer are still in the spot promotion, so welcome to hit the list enthusiastically!

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