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French customers buy our equipment

time:2020/9/30  reading:1098 time

Not long ago, Huatian Power reached a cooperation with French customers, and the other party purchased a batch of HT-10010 Non-woven Fabric High Voltage Electrostatic Generator System from our company. In order not to delay the customer's production, after the contract was signed, our company sent this batch of equipment to the customer's place with the fastest speed and delivered it successfully.


At present, although the domestic COVID-19 epidemic has been effectively controlled, the overseas epidemic is still spreading. Against this background, Huatian Power upgraded and reformed the original electrostatic electret generator of meltblown cloth in an all-round way, and officially launched a new electrostatic high voltage generator in the second half of the year, striving to contribute to the prevention of epidemic situation at home and abroad.

In July this year, the customer sent an email to inquire about our electrostatic electret generator, and Mike, our foreign trade manager, gave a reply immediately after receiving the message. In the email, the customer asked Huatian Power whether it could provide a batch of electrostatic electret equipment for producing meltblown cloth with a width of 1600mm PP, and what would be the quotation if it was airlifted to the French airport.

After MIke sent the quotation and equipment parameter information to the customer by email, the other party quickly replied to the message and asked MIke to send the specific details of the equipment, including each department.

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