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Vietnamese customers purchase equipment again

time:2020/9/18  reading:1254 time

In recent years, Huatian Power has expanded its overseas market territory with high-quality products and excellent after-sales service, and won the favor of many old customers. In mid-August this year, Vietnamese customers reached a cooperation with Huatian Power to purchase a batch of electrical test equipment from our company.

Equipment includes: HTBC-IV ransformer Turns Ratio Tester (TTR), HTFA-109A CT PT Tester, HTHL-100A Micro Ohmmeter, YDJ-3/50 AC/DC Hipot Test Set (Oil Immersed), XC-3kVA Control Cabinet, HTZZ-10A Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester, etc. At present, this batch of equipment has successfully completed the production task and successfully delivered to the port.


Founded in 2000, the client company is mainly engaged in the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, as well as the construction of hydropower plants, irrigation works, traffic structures and other power and communication transmission systems. In addition, it also participates in the operation and maintenance of hydropower plants and transmission networks, and the operation of power generation and distribution and water supply systems.


This customer is not the first time to purchase our equipment. Before that, Huatian Power has had business dealings with the customer company and established a good cooperative relationship. Therefore, in August this year, the engineer of the client company sent an email directly asking about this batch of equipment. After receiving the message, the foreign trade manager of our company immediately responded to the customer and sent the equipment parameter data and quotation.

The two sides had a detailed technical communication by mail, during which the customer repeatedly asked how the AC/DC test transformer realized AC/DC conversion and whether rectifier diodes were needed. In order to let customers know that our equipment can help them solve such problems in all directions, our foreign trade manager specially went to the production department to shoot the production video and operation video of the equipment and send them to customers.


I didn't receive a reply from the customer immediately after the email was sent. After a week, the other party finally sent an email. The customer said that he had received a lot of solar energy projects recently and needed to go to the site to do experiments, so he couldn't reply us in time. The email also indicates that they have recently received quotations from many enterprises. However, due to their previous cooperation with Huatian Power, the field equipment is used stably and the test is accurate, so they very much recognize our products, so they decided to cooperate with our company this time. At the end of that month, our company received the purchase contract from the customer.


The successful cooperation with Vietnam's old customers once again shows that Huatian Power has strong market competitiveness. The achievements of our company in recent months, in addition to the efforts of all Chinese people, are inseparable from the trust and support of the vast number of new and old customers. In the future, Huatian Power will serve our customers with better products and more professional technology, and open up a broader market space!

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