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Large Series Resonant System soid to Argentina

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For the sales staff, the successful signing of each order not only comes from their unremitting efforts, but also benefits from the strong support of the high-quality products and services of the company, and more importantly, it cannot be separated from the trust of customers.

Actively research and develop, diligently practice internal strength, pursue quality and optimize service. Recently, after half a year of business negotiation and technical communication, the HTXZ-2500kVA/600kV Series Resonant System device customized by Argentine customers in our company has finally finished production. In the middle and late August, the foreign trade manager of Huatian Power successfully connected with the customer, demonstrated and tested the equipment performance through live video broadcast, and answered the customer's doubts.

On the day of video acceptance, our HTXZ-2500kVA/600kV Series Resonant System device has a fast automatic boosting speed, and all test indexes meet the requirements specified by customers, thus realizing remote acceptance at one time. At present, the device has been packed and is being sent to the customer's location.


First, respond sincerely, and the two sides initially establish trust

In December 2019, Rogelio, a client company, sent an e-mail to inquire about Huatian Power HTXZ-2500kVA/600kV Series Resonant System device. Although the information was short, Manager Xu of Foreign Trade Department of our company had learned that the other party was in need of a 6400kVA/220kV resonant system. After receiving the news, Manager Xu responded quickly, immediately communicated with the company's technical engineers and learned from experienced colleagues.


In order to better draft the equipment configuration plan and quotation, after some preparatory work, Manager Xu immediately replied to the customer, mainly asking the other party what AC withstand voltage tests they want to do with the resonant system, and what are the requirements for capacitance and voltage, etc. However, the email sent by Manager Xu seemed to sink into the sea, and there was no reply for a long time, and many calls to the customer's landline phone could not be connected.

Hard work pays off. After a lapse of two weeks, on January 3rd, the customer finally sent an email reply, providing Manager Xu with some information about the required equipment, and said that he had inquired about the price from several influential suppliers. In addition, a video of the other company participating in the multinational large-scale high-voltage power technology seminar is attached to the email, which shows that the customer really needs the equipment asked before.

So, on the same day, Manager Xu sent the company profile, product catalogue and transaction case of Huatian Power to the other party, and further inquired about the capacity of the resonance system required by the customer. This time, after receiving the email, the customer responded quickly. After one-to-two email communication, the customer said that since we can provide product cases and solutions, they can initially build trust with us and can further discuss them. Therefore, detailed equipment demand information was sent to our company on January 7.


Second, the epidemic broke out and it was difficult to interrupt contact

After receiving the customer's detailed reply, I learned that the equipment required by the other party is a big project, because the resonance system involved in foreign trade export of our company was relatively small. After giving feedback to the leaders of the company, the company attached great importance to it and spent nearly a week carefully studying and demonstrating it. During the period, I still keep mail contact with customers to get more information. Finally, our professional and technical colleagues worked out two sets of technical schemes for them.

On January 21st, the customer sent the equipment sketch and inquired about the influence of the increase and decrease of shunt reactors on the total power and other related technical issues. Two days later, the epidemic situation in Wuhan was in a hurry, and the whole city was blocked. Everyone was busy with epidemic prevention. Manager Xu failed to communicate with his technical colleagues, so he failed to reply to the technical questions sent by customers in time. After more than one month, Manager Xu overcame the difficulties and replied a short message to the customer, which answered the customer's questions. However, this time, the customer was silent for more than one month, and it was not until mid-March that the customer sent a message and raised objections to the details of the plan.


The customer thinks that the size and height of the product voltage divider are unreasonable and may not be able to bear high pressure. Manager Xu immediately asks our technical engineer for verification after receiving the message, and sends the plan to the other party after repeated modification and perfection. Until the beginning of April, the customer's problem of fixing the voltage divider and equipping the lifter has been solved perfectly after repeated demonstration and research by our company. However, this time, the customer "disappeared" again, did not reply any emails, and the phone was not connected.

The mountain overlapping water flow twists and turns is worried that no way can walk, the willow green flowers suddenly appear a mountain village. In mid-May, when everyone thought that there was no following in this cooperation, Manager Xu sent an e-mail to customer Rogelio with the last try, indicating that he hoped to get a reply from the other party, and this time, the customer gave a quick reply. Because all the problems about equipment have been effectively communicated and solved before, the customer made a final decision that day and quickly reached a cooperation intention with Manager Xu.

Third, gather together to promote the smooth delivery of production

After the cooperation between the two sides was finalized, the epidemic situation abroad spread rapidly, and local enterprises in Argentina also isolated and took measures to work at home. The local bank can't go to work, and customers also encounter difficulties when paying the advance payment, and the transfer application is frozen. Until June 9th, the customer finally succeeded in transferring money and sent a swift memo, which officially kicked off this cooperation.

The two sides agreed that the delivery period will be two months, therefore, after receiving the advance payment, our company will immediately coordinate with relevant departments and organize the stocking and production to ensure that the construction period is not delayed. During this period, some difficulties were encountered, such as insulation problems of excitation transformer, obvious leakage when voltage divider was boosted, etc. However, after continuous research by our technical engineers with decades' deep experience in electrical measurement industry, the production technical problems were quickly solved. In addition, all colleagues in the production department worked overtime despite difficulties, and finally completed the production with good quality and quantity during the delivery period.


Good things go wrong, and after the production is completed, there is another episode. Both parties originally agreed that the customer would send a designated representative to our company for on-site acceptance, but due to health reasons, the other party could not make the trip, so it was decided to conduct online video acceptance after communication. On the evening of August 27th, after the off-duty, our technical engineer and Manager Xu went to Huatian Power Resonance Production Base. After everything was ready, we connected customers on the spot, stopped all machines, carried out boost test online (to ensure safety), and showed and verified the performance of the equipment to each other. The customers were satisfied and passed it smoothly at one time. At present, the equipment has been properly packed and will be delivered soon.

The successful cooperation with Argentine customers is not only an achievement of Huatian Power in exploring overseas markets, but also a great leap in the research and development and innovation of series resonance production technology. In this process, all the colleagues in the company worked hard to overcome various difficulties and promote cooperation, which also reflected the determination of Huatian people to unite as one, forge ahead actively and strive to carry forward Huatian brand. In the future, we will be steady and far-reaching, continue to improve the quality of products and services, and issue the slogan of our March to the domestic market!

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