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Domestic:Huatian Power sold a batch of equipment

time:2020/8/25  reading:1300 time

In early August, I received a purchase inquiry from Hunan Construction Engineering Company, which was in urgent need of purchasing a batch of high-voltage test equipment meeting the second-level test qualification for power construction. After detailed understanding, we learned that this customer was introduced by our old customers in Xiangxiang City. After purchasing a batch of second-class test equipment from Huatian Power, the other party recommended friends to buy it because the products were in good use and the price was high.


Hunan Construction Engineering Company has a registered capital of 25.68 million RMB, and has engineers and technicians and economic managers with various professional titles. At present, the company has obtained Grade II qualification for construction engineering, Grade II qualification for power transmission and transformation engineering, Grade III qualification for power engineering, Grade III qualification for municipal public works and Grade III qualification for foundation engineering, which is an indispensable backbone of power construction and building construction in Hunan Province.

Since the customer was introduced by a friend, he already had a certain understanding of the actual situation of Huatian Power. Therefore, this cooperation is very smooth. After some technical communication and commercial exchanges, both parties immediately confirmed their cooperation intention and signed a purchase and sale contract.

This time, the customer purchased the second-class installation (repair and test) equipment, including more than 40 equipments such as high voltage insulation and withstand voltage, transformer test, circuit breaker test, relay protection, secondary circuit test, cable, line test, arrester insulator test, SF6 test, petrochemical test and grounding. In addition, the customer also purchased a set ofHTXZ-540kVA/270kV Series Resonant System.


Because the customers are in urgent need of this batch of equipment, after both parties reached the cooperation intention, Huatian Power immediately arranged for the staff to stock up urgently, and completed the factory inspection a few days ago. Last Friday, at the customer's request, our company sent a special car to send this batch of products to the customer site.


Huatian Power has been engaged in high voltage test for 16 years, and through unremitting efforts, it can occupy a place in today's fierce market competition, which is recognized by the market and customers. Here, Huatian Power would like to thank the old and new customers for their support and trust. We will live up to expectations and provide you with more high-quality equipment and services!

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