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Indonesian customers buy our equipment

time:2020/8/18  reading:1056 time

In August, Huatian Sales Department triumphed all the way, and good news spread frequently. Recently, our company has made great efforts to explore the international market and reached a cooperative relationship with Indonesian customers. The other party purchased a batch of GTB AC/DC Hipot Test Set (Dry Type). Since the implementation of the "going out" strategy, Huatian Power has occupied a place in the electrical measurement industry market with its high-quality products and services, and its brand image has gradually gained popularity overseas.


The series of GTB AC/DC Hipot Test Set (Dry Type) produced by Huatian Power have the characteristics of small size, compact structure, complete functions, versatility and convenient use. It is especially suitable for power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research departments, etc. to test the insulation strength of various high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical components and insulating materials under power frequency DC high voltage, and is an essential and important equipment in high-voltage test.

Founded in 2002, the customer company is a professional electrical panel manufacturer and electrical service provider. They can provide power products and service solutions for customers in different industries, ensure the reliability and protection of power infrastructure, and lead the local electrification process in the future with advanced power distribution, protection and control technologies.


In mid-August, the customer contacted our foreign trade business manager, and indicated that the equipment to be purchased was our GTB AC/DC Hipot Test Set (Dry Type) . After receiving the message, the business manager responded quickly and sent the specific parameter information and quotation of the product to the other party. After the customer read it, he told the business manager the questions and concerns in his heart. After the two sides had a very detailed exchange and communication.

During the period, the other party continuously raised four questions, namely: 1. How to conduct DC high voltage test? 2. How to upload the test data to the computer? 3. Is the test transformer portable and packed in a separate box? (Customers often go on business trips to do experiments) 4. How long is the high-voltage line connecting the tested product with the test transformer?

For these questions raised by customers, our business manager patiently answered them, which enabled customers to completely eliminate their worries and doubts. During the communication process, according to the field test environment described by the customer, we show that under the condition that our equipment meets its test requirements, in order to make it have a better experience, we will customize two 4m high-voltage lines for the other party. After that, the customer spoke highly of our technical strength and service level, and immediately placed an order.


After 16 years of development, Huatian Power has gradually established the brand image of "Huatian Power" at home and abroad. In the future, we will continue to provide our customers with high-quality high-pressure test equipment by improving our professional skills and perfecting our service system.

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