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Huatian equipment is sold to Argentina

time:2020/7/22  reading:1189 time

In mid-May this year, Argentine customers reached a cooperation with Huatian Power to purchase a set of HTXZ-2500kVA Series Resonant Systeme, which consists of HTXZ-150kW variable frequency power supply, HTJL-150kVA/18/36kV/0.4kV excitation transformer, HTDK-832kVA/200kV high voltage reactor and HTFY-1000


As early as last December, the customer contacted our company, and the other party inquired about our HTXZ Series Resonant System and other equipment by post and telecommunications. Our business manager communicated with it immediately after receiving the post and telecommunications, and provided a series of detailed information and information such as product quotation, technical parameters and equipment installation.


After more than six months of full communication, customers are very satisfied with our production strength, product quality, brand influence and after-sales service, and finally decided to cooperate with Huatian Power. At present, the order is being arranged for production, and it is expected to be delivered smoothly in early August.

The client company is located in Argentina and enjoys a certain reputation in the local area. It is a large-scale national high-voltage power testing enterprise with ISO 9001-2008 certification, and its main business is testing, analysis, condition diagnosis and fault location of medium and high-strength cables, equipment and electrical systems. In recent years, the client company has expanded its business scope, and has been able to apply partial discharge testing technology, ultra-low frequency, underground fault detection, lighting and switch impact test to other fields.


Huatian Power has been engaged in the production of high-voltage test equipment for 16 years, and now it has developed into a company with a group of specialized R&D, design, production and sales teams and professional after-sales technical teams.

In recent years, Huatian Power has accelerated its efforts to build a new market structure, and made great achievements in both domestic sales and foreign trade. Besides good cooperation with enterprises in neighboring countries, its products are also exported to America, Africa, Europe and other regions. In the future, we will continue to develop and innovate, and deliver more excellent electrical measurement products at home and abroad.

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