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Domestic: our electrostatic generators hot selling

time:2020/6/30  reading:900 time

In 2020, the mask industry quickly became the hottest industry in China.  In this period when everyone must wear masks when traveling, the national quality inspection department has also greatly strengthened the supervision of mask production, so the electrostatic electret equipment of meltblown cloth began to enter the public's sight.


Electrostatic electret treatment is a key link in the production process of meltblown cloth, so it is extremely important to choose a high-quality and practical electrostatic electret equipment.  As an enterprise with 16 years' production experience of high-voltage electrical measuring equipment, our company developed and produced four kinds of equipment, namelyHT-705 Non-woven Fabric High Voltage Electrostatic Generator System andHT-602 Non-woven Fabric High Voltage Electrostatic Generator System, which are high-quality electrostatic electret power supplies.

Huatian Power specializes in creating high-quality equipment with the attitude of striving for perfection. In May, it successively supplied hundreds of electrostatic electret generators to new and old customers, and its product quality and technical service were greatly appreciated by customers.


With the massive sales of equipment, our after-sales service is closely followed.  In the second half of this month, I received the after-sales consultation from Henan customers about our meltblown electrostatic electret generator. Because of the high voltage involved, after communicating with the other party, our company decided to arrange technicians to come to the door for technical guidance. After driving for 7 hours, we finally arrived at the customer site.


This time, the customer purchased HT-705 Non-woven Fabric High Voltage Electrostatic Generator System, which has a capacity of 10kVA and a maximum DC voltage of 140kV. Because of the load problem, the equipment can be connected with multiple electrets.  After on-site debugging and later remote guidance by our technicians, all the doubts and confusions of customers about the equipment have been solved. At present, the equipment has begun to bring benefits to each other, and customers have highly praised and praised our equipment quality and after-sales service.


Practice is the only criterion to test the truth. After this on-site debugging, the problem is solved for customers, and at the same time, our technicians have a deeper understanding and grasp of the details of equipment use and operation.  Here, Huatian Power reminds our customers to pay attention to the following points after purchasing the electrostatic electret generator of meltblown cloth of our company:

1. Before the test, check whether the tested product is powered off, grounded and discharged, and whether all external connections are wiped clean. Strictly prevent the test voltage from being added to the part where someone works.

2. After connecting the wiring of the test device, the pressure can only be applied after re-checking.  Pay special attention to the safe distance between the high-voltage equipment and the lead wire and the operator, whether the shell of the tested product is reliably grounded, and carry out the test according to the contents specified in the safety regulations.

3. The boosting speed should not be too fast, and sudden pressurization must be prevented.  For example, if the voltage regulator is suddenly switched on when it is not at zero position, the power supply cannot be suddenly cut off. Generally, it should be switched off when the voltage regulator drops to zero position.

4. Remember to discharge after the test.


As one of the most important strategic materials at present, it is indispensable to have a set of good electrostatic electret equipment in order to produce qualified masks. Welcome to inquire!

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