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Domestic news:Winning 100MW power project

time:2020/6/22  reading:913 time

After entering April, the production and operation of huatian electric power departments have already started in an orderly manner, and the marketing department has also received good news one after another.  Recently, our company has expanded its market and won the bid for the china huadian Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. Shanxi Huadian Shuozhou Pinglu Dongpingtai 100MW wind power project.


After such a big storm, the ordinary life that I didn't care much about in the past is extremely precious. Every employee of the company has worked hard. This is a farewell to Lengdong and a cheer for midsummer.

This bid has once again demonstrated the comprehensive strength of our company, showing that Huatian Electric's products, technologies and services have been recognized by many power grid and power enterprises.


China Huadian Group Co., Ltd. is one of the five wholly state-owned power generation enterprise groups established by the state power system reform at the end of 2002. It is an oversize central enterprise under the supervision of the State Council's SASAC. Its main businesses are: power production, thermal production and supply, primary energy development such as coal related to power, and related professional and technical services.

In recent years, customer companies have thoroughly implemented the scientific concept of development, earnestly practiced the concept of value thinking, accelerated the transformation of methods, adjusted the structure, promoted innovation, and improved benefits. They have transformed from a single power generation group to a comprehensive energy group. Their strength has been continuously strengthened and their industry status has been significantly improved. At present, they are ranked 389th in the world's top 500.


This time, Huatian Power won the bid with a batch of equipment including:HTZZ-50A Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester, HTCFD Battery Charge and Discharge Tester, HTWB-3 ripple tester, etc.

As a national high-tech enterprise engaged in research, development and production of high-voltage electrical measurement, Huatian Electric Power has been focusing on scientific research and innovation for many years and continuously improving product quality.  The equipment that won the bid this time is the conventional equipment of Huatian Electric Power. The production technology is very mature, the appearance is exquisite, and the performance is excellent. Our company will issue the equipment to customers with good quality and quantity within the specified time.

Customer's support and recognition are the driving force for us to move forward. We will make persistent efforts to innovate products and optimize services so as to satisfy every customer.

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