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Huatian Equipment Sold to Argentina

time:2020/6/3  reading:1530 time

The Spring Festival is approaching, but all departments of Huatian Electric Power are still not lax. Every employee from production to sales is still sticking to his post to ensure the smooth progress of every order and strive to satisfy every customer. 

In December, the marketing department received good news that Argentine customers purchased a batch of HTDY-H high-voltage switch operating power supply equipment.



HTDY-H high-voltage switch operating power supply is a new generation of high-voltage switch on/off power supply developed and launched by our company. It provides a test power supply for on-site high-voltage switch on/off operation test, avoids directly using the DC system in the on-site control box, can effectively prevent possible hazards to the on-site DC system, and provides conditions for the safe operation of on-site equipment. 

In addition, the device has the advantages of stable and reliable output DC, small ripple coefficient, over-current and over-voltage protection, simple wiring, easy operation, etc.


Customer Background: The customer company is located in Santa Fe Rosario, Argentina, and has been focusing on the electrical field for 35 years. Previously, it was mainly responsible for assisting the normal operation and maintenance of the substation. At present, the customer company has expanded its service scope. 

Besides conducting transformer insulating oil tests, it has also increased the preventive maintenance business of electric motors, as well as the project implementation and verification of building electrical devices, and the installation and commissioning of photovoltaic systems. Now, the customer company has become a supplier of large and small industries in Argentina and is recognized as a quality service company in this industry in Argentina.


On December 13, after receiving the inquiry information from the customer, our business manager gave the quotation at the first time and sent the customer the detailed technical information of the equipment and the company's brief introduction, qualifications, etc. during the period, the customer made detailed inquiries about the panel key function of HTDY-H high voltage switch operating power supplyand other equipment related problems, as well as whether the equipment could be shipped to Argentina, etc. our business manager answered the questions one by one according to the customer. 

After knowing our products and strength to a certain extent, the customer expressed satisfaction and immediately decided to purchase our equipment. Before the customer placed the order, our business manager carefully checked with the other party whether the voltage and frequency in their country are different from those in our country, so as to ensure that the customer can use our equipment normally after purchasing it. In the end, Huatian Electric Power won the trust of its customers and the other party successfully purchased a batch of HTDY-H high-voltage switch operating power supplies of our company.


If the flower is fragrant, the butterfly comes. Wuhan Huatian Electric Power Co., Ltd. starts from the needs of customers, controls the product quality from every link, continuously polishes the details and improves the performance, which is the constant pursuit of every Huatian person. Huatian electric power equipment has established a good reputation in China, and the international market is constantly expanding. 

In the future, we will fundamentally practice the corporate values of morality, honesty, loyalty and responsibility, and provide higher quality products and better service to customers all over the world!

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