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Huatian Equipment Enters Serbia

time:2020/5/29  reading:1104 time

Since Huatian Electric Power implemented its "going global" strategy, it has accelerated the formation of a new version of our company's foreign trade electrical measurement market. In recent years, with the continuous growth of foreign trade sales, the influence of huatian electric power brand in the world has also increased year by year. At the end of December last year, in the bidding for Zijin Mining's gold construction project in Serbia, our company, relying on its excellent product performance and good market reputation, stood out among its domestic and overseas counterparts and won the bid successfully.  

Serbia is the first country in Central and Eastern Europe to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with China. It is also one of the countries in the region that are very active in participating in the "the belt and road initiative" construction. In recent years, a large number of Chinese enterprises have, in the process of cooperation between enterprises of the two countries, focused on the construction of "the belt and road initiative" and innovated ways of foreign investment so as to promote trade development with investment and build a new situation of common development.  

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Huatian Electric Power has been responding to the government's call to actively cooperate with countries along the "the belt and road initiative" route. Its product quality and service level are highly praised by customers in various countries. So far, our products have been successfully exported to Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Turkey, Poland and other countries and regions. 

The equipment exported to Serbia this time is as follows:


This batch of equipment is the conventional equipment of Huatian Electric Power, with mature production technology and sufficient stock. After the two sides signed the contract, the various departments of huatian electric power had a quick and orderly handover, and completed the quick delivery with good quality and quantity within the time required by the contract. The professional services our company has shown in this cooperation have made our customers very satisfied. The other party expressed its hope to strengthen the cooperation between the two parties in the future and create a win-win situation.   


Huatian Electric Power has been serving every customer with a professional and dedicated working attitude. In every cooperation with customers, Huatian Electric Power actively prepares goods, strictly inspects quality and meticulously carries out every link. In the future development, we will insist on keeping pace with domestic sales and foreign trade, open up a wider market space, and ensure that research and development and production go hand in hand, with better quality products, more intimate service and more professional technology to give back to our customers!

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