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Huatian Equipment Sold to India

time:2020/5/20  reading:1059 time

Not long ago, an Indian company finally decided to purchase a batch of equipment from our company after understanding Huatian Power for 2 months. The equipment includes JFD-2000A partial discharge detector host, YDJ AC/DC Hipot Test Set (Oil Immersed), XC Control Cabinet, 1.5kVA isolation transformer, HTCW-5KV 100PF coupling capacitor, HT-R5KV 5kV 0.5A protection resistor, etc. These series of electrical measuring equipment can form a complete set of partial HTXZ Variable Frequency Series Resonant System.

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HTXZ Variable Frequency Series Resonant System is specially used for partial discharge measurement of transformer, motor, transformer, cable, GIS, switch, lightning arrester and other electrical equipment.  Its technical performance fully meets the requirements of IEC-270 standard and GB7354 standard. It is the necessary testing equipment for electrical equipment manufacturers, power generation and supply operation departments and power construction, installation and debugging departments.

Huatian Electric Power Company strictly implemented the government's epidemic prevention measures and actively adjusted its production plan after the resumption of work. In the past two months, our company has had continuous good news in opening up the market, completed the stock production of all orders on time with good quality and quantity, and disinfected, tested and loaded all ex-factory equipment in accordance with relevant regulations, thus realizing all deliveries.


The Indian customer we are working with this time is a company specializing in product testing, evaluation, inspection and certification. It was established in 2007 and has passed ISO 9001:2008 certification.

As early as the end of last year, the other party had already contacted us. on December 19, 2019, customer company Anmol made an inquiry to our JFD-2000A partial discharge detector host and other equipment through post and telecommunications. our business manager communicated with the customer as soon as he received the post and telecommunications, and provided the other party with a series of related information such as product quotation, technical parameters, equipment installation, operation and maintenance.

At that time, after receiving the reply from our business manager, the customer did not immediately purchase our equipment. instead, after having a relatively full understanding of huatian electric power's brand, product quality, previous customer evaluation and after-sales service level through various channels and aspects, the customer finally decided to cooperate with huatian electric power in comparison with other manufacturers with the same production qualification.


In recent years, Huatian Electric Power has accelerated to create a new market pattern. Domestic sales and foreign trade have made concerted efforts and achieved good results. In addition to good cooperation with enterprises in neighboring countries, its products are also exported to Brazil, Serbia, Argentina and other countries.  We will continue to make persistent efforts to optimize service and improve quality, and strive to keep Huatian Electric's product performance, process level and service quality at the leading level in the industry.

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