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Cooperation with Korean Customers

time:2020/5/12  reading:1037 time

As the epidemic situation in Wuhan is developing towards a good trend, good news of successful cooperation between Huatian Electric Power and its customers keeps coming. The successful signing of these orders cannot be separated from the efforts made by our marketing department colleagues during their home office hours.      They have never slackened off and have been actively communicating with customers. Fortunately, they have spared no pains. During the epidemic, our company received orders from Korean customers for a batch of testing equipment.      

The equipment purchased by Korean customers from our company includes HT-702 Protection Relay Test Set,HTGK-IV HV Switch TesterHTDY-H HV Switch Operating Power and other series of electrical measuring equipment. 


In late March, huatian electric power strictly implemented the government's epidemic prevention measures after resuming work, actively adjusted the production plan, realized the prevention and control of the epidemic and the production work at the same time, completed the stock production of all orders on time with good quality and quantity, disinfected, tested and loaded in accordance with relevant regulations, and finally successfully delivered all orders.

Established in 1994, the customer company leads the manufacturing equipment in the power distribution system industry in South Korea with innovative products. It has all the qualifications to independently design and produce power distribution system equipment, as well as various failure interruption and switching equipment models. It can provide reliable power distribution worldwide and enjoys a certain reputation in South Korea and Asia. 


On January 21, Danny, the other customer, made an inquiry for our company's six-phase relay protection tester and other equipment through the Made in China network. After receiving the inquiry, our company's business manager communicated with the customer in the first place. The communication between the two parties was smooth. The customer was satisfied with the product information provided by our company. After some consideration, he finally decided to cooperate with Huatian Electric Power. 

After receiving the first batch of equipment from us, the other party gave high praise to the product quality and service of huatian electric power, and after having a certain understanding of our products, on March 23, the other party sent a purchase contract to re-purchase our company's DC high voltage generator, loop resistance tester and other equipment. After receiving the order, the company quickly responded to the customer's demand, quickly arranged the production and stock, and finished the shipment in a short time. 


Huatian Electric Power Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production of high-voltage test equipment for 15 years. Now it has developed into a company with a group of specialized research and development, design, production and sales teams and professional after-sales technical teams. With its high-quality products, high-quality services and professional technologies, it has established a good reputation at home and abroad.

 In the future, we will continuously improve and update our products to provide more top-quality electrical measuring products for the vast number of new and old customers.

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