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On December 6, Huatian power received the after-sales service invitation from Jiangsu irrigation main canal management office, and our company immediately contacted manager Xu , and It is confirmed that the purchased HTYWS-H Electrolytic Oil Moisture Analyzer、HTYZL-H Automatic Tensiometer and HTYND-H Kinematic Viscometer will be fully trained on December 11.

On the day of training, our after-sales colleagues arrived at the training site on time, debugged the moisture analyzer and kinematic viscometer in advance under the arrangement of manager Xu and manager Hu, and assembled them accordingly. Then, our after-sales colleagues began to explain the theory of HTYZL-H Automatic Tensiometer.

The force between the liquid molecules forms the tension of the liquid. The investigation of the surface tension or the interfacial tension of the liquid can reflect  the physical and chemical properties and the composition of the liquid. Based on the ring method, Automatic Tensiometer measures the surface tension (liquid-gas phase)  and interface tension (liquid-liquid phase) of various liquids, that is, the intermolecular force forms the interface tension or surface tension of liquids. The value  of the tension can reflect the physical and chemical properties of liquids and their material composition, which is one of the important indicators for the related  industries to inspect the product quality. The Automatic Tensiometer produced by our company is applicable to GB/t6541 standard. Based on the ring method (platinum  ring method), it measures the surface tension (liquid-gas interface) and liquid interface tension (liquid-liquid interface) of various liquids. This method has the  advantages of simple operation and high accuracy, and is widely used in power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, teaching and other industries.

After the theoretical explanation, the customer has a certain grasp of the principle of the equipment. Therefore, our after-sales colleagues immediately carry out practical training on the instrument.

First step

First, open the top cover plate of the tester, adjust the horizontal air bubble of the instrument, remove the anti-collision foam, install the two hooks of the instrument, and then install the platinum ring (note here that the platinum ring cannot be directly touched by hand but installed by chain). So far, the whole installation is completed.

The second step

After the installation is completed, we calibrate the weight, enter the calibration page, the reading of the instrument changes slightly, and press "reset" to complete the zero operation of the instrument; then hang the hook weight used for full range calibration on the platinum ring beam, and when the reading of the instrument changes relatively small, press "calibrate"key gently to complete the full range calibration operation; finally press "exit" key to store the weight calibration Quasi results.

The third step

We enter the setting page, the density of heavy liquid is water density "1", and the density of light liquid is oil density "0.85". We can also understand that the density of heavy liquid is the density of liquid in the lower layer. According to the actual test sample, the radius of cypress wire and cypress ring does not need to be modified by default, and the temperature is the current ambient temperature.

The fourth step

After setting, enter the pure water calibration. Because the surface tension of pure water is 71mn / m-72mn / m at 25 ℃, the user can judge whether the instrument works normally according to the calibration result of pure water. Therefore, when clicking the test, the instrument will automatically start the test, and the test result is 71mn/m.

The fifth step

Add the tested oil, click sample test, and the instrument will enter the automatic test. So far, our after-sales colleagues have successfully completed the training of 、HTYZL-H Automatic Tensiometer and HTYND-H Kinematic Viscometer, and the customer has basically mastered the operation method and precautions of the tester. Later, our after-sales colleagues conducted systematic training on HTYWS-H Electrolytic Oil Moisture Analyzer and HTYND-H Kinematic Viscometer, and guided the customers to operate the instrument by themselves until the customers had mastered all the operation links.

On the training day, during all the tests, our equipment was used normally, the accessories were complete, and the on-site test results were accurate. The customer was particularly satisfied with the after-sales service and expressed high recognition and appreciation to our company.

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