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Customer Purchased Partial Discharge Detector

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At the end of November, a customer from Dalian, Liaoning signed a purchase contract with our company to purchase a set of partial discharge detection system from our company. The purchased equipment included JFD-2000A Partial Discharge Detector, 15kVA / 150kV no partial discharge source and other equipment.


As early as mid-September this year, Feng Manager, the purchasing department of the client company had telephone communication with our company to check technical requirements. According to the customer's field test requirements, our company issued a detailed technical supporting plan. The final technical agreement and supply requirements were finalized.

JFD-2000A Partial Discharge Detector is developed by our company according to the latest international and domestic technical progress. Its detection method, measurement circuit and technical performance parameters fully meet the requirements of the new GB7354 and iec-270 "partial discharge measurement" standards. It is applicable to the partial discharge measurement of various high-voltage electrical equipment, covering the full electric voltage and capacity level, and represents the advanced technology of domestic digital partial discharge instrument.


The PD test system has the following characteristics:

1、Adopting pure program-controlled working method

2、Full Chinese Menu Tips

3、Automatic calibration, automatic synchronization, automatic voltage recording, automatic measurement save playback

4、Automatically generate test report

5、2D and 3D partial discharge pattern display

6、Digital windowing technology, strong anti-interference ability

7、Double channel measurement and digital difference technology can measure the partial discharge signals of two test objects or two measuring points of one test object at the same time, and can conveniently analyze the sources of partial discharge signals


Among them, the set of PD test system is equipped with a set of:

1.JFD-2000A Partial Discharge Detector 

2.Power frequency no partial discharge test transformer 

3.Transformer control box

4.Coupling capacitor 

5.Isolation transformer 

6.Protective resistor 

This set of equipment is suitable for on-site or laboratory practices. A shielded room can be built if necessary. Since the completion of the research and development of the company, it has completed the field tests in various environments and with different needs. and have provided on-site tests for many companies, Yanshou Electrical Equipment Factory, Tsinghua University, Zhengzhou Institute of Light Industry, Shanghai Survey and Design Institute, Changping Power Supply Company, etc. At the same time, in countless successful tests, Huatian Electric Power has accumulated extremely rich experience, combined with the test results to improve the device several times, and completed the update and iteration of the device. For details, please consult our business Manager 4008855448.

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