Wireless High Voltage Phase Detector

TAG-8000 Wireless HV Phase Tester

It is mainly applied to check the phase of two high voltage lines connected to the grid or loop network.

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Product Introduction

The Wireless High Voltage Phase Detector (hereinafter referred to as "instrument") is applied to the grid-connected or circuit-connected nuclear phases of two High Voltage circuits. It can also be used for remote (remote) nuclear phase to determine whether the color of the phase sequence is consistent with the name of the phase sequence. Instrument is suitable for live operation of 0.22 ~ 220kV ac transmission line and secondary side live operation, with high voltage galvanometer function.

Instrument adopts wireless transmission technology, safe and reliable operation, convenient use, and overcomes many disadvantages of wired nuclear phase instrument. Meanwhile, instrument is configured with GPS module, two or more instruments can be used for remote nuclear phase after matching and upgrading.

Product nickname:nuclear phase meter、nuclear phase device、Wireless nuclear phaser、 Nuclear voltage high voltage reactor、 Nuclear phase meter high voltage、Speech nuclear phase detector、Wireless nuclear phase analyzer、Wireless High Voltage Phase Detector

Product Parameters

Technical parameters

phase difference accuracy Error ≤5°
frequency accuracy ±0.1Hz
cross voltage measurement range 0.22kV~220kV
maximum transmission line-of-sight about 100 meters
high voltage leakage current when measured <10uA
transmitter power consumption <0.1W
receiving mainframe working power <0.3W
working environment -35℃--- +45℃ humidity≤95%RH
complete machine weight 3.6kg
instrument packaging size length 56cm* width 26cm* height 13cm

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Product Characteristics Product Characteristics

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Product Certificate

Enterprise products in strict accordance with international and national standards and rules of industry production, through the national, provincial and municipal electric power research institute and electric power authorities detection, measuring center, fully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the licence for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China, GB/T19001-2016 quality management system requirements, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system requirements, GB/T45001-2020 occupational health and safety management system requirements.

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