Ultra low frequency high voltage generator

VLF Hipot Test Set

It is suitable for voltage resistance test of electrical equipment with large equivalent insulation capacitance

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Product Introduction

High voltage test of electrical equipment is one of the most important items stipulated in Insulation Preventive Test. Voltage test can be divided into AC voltage test and DC voltage test. Ac voltage test can be divided into power frequency test, frequency conversion test and 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency test technology, among which 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency test technology is the latest technology and recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission. According to the actual situation of the electric power system in our country, the National Development and Reform Commission has formulated the industry standard of "Test Method for Ultra-low frequency (0.1Hz) Voltage Resistance of crosslinked polyethylene insulated Power cable in 35kV and Below". In 2004, the power industry standard of "General Technical Condition DL/T 849.4-2004 of Ultra-low frequency High Voltage Generator" was promulgated. This latest test method is being promoted in my country.

In the large and medium-sized generators, motors, power cables and other test products for power frequency voltage test, because their insulation layer shows a larger capacity, so the need for a large capacity of the test transformer or resonant transformer. Such huge equipment, not only bulky, high cost, and very inconvenient to use. In order to solve this contradiction, it is widely used in the world to reduce the test frequency, so as to reduce the capacity of the test power supply. Ultra-low frequency insulation voltage test is actually an alternative method of power frequency voltage test. From years of theory and practice at home and abroad, it has been proved that 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency voltage test instead of power frequency voltage test, not only can have the same equivalence, but also the volume of the equipment is greatly reduced, the weight is greatly reduced, the theoretical capacity is about 500% of power frequency, and the operation is simple, which is the main reason why developed countries generally adopt this method.

Our company's new generation of ultra-low frequency high voltage generator is the core product of independent research and development using the latest technology, using 7 inch touch screen, imported high-speed AD acquisition circuit, and advanced production technology. Improve the quality and stability of the instrument, reduce the volume and weight of the equipment, simple operation, overcome many shortcomings of similar domestic products, cost performance is much higher than similar imported products of mechanical booster short service life, high failure rate, large volume shortcomings. Compared with other voltage test equipment, 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency has many advantages.

Through years of practice, a large number of users' feedback shows that: this series of ultra low frequency and high voltage technology market leader, the highest cost performance!

Product nickname: Ultra-low frequency high voltage generator, 0.1Hz ultra-low frequency high voltage generator, programmed ultra-low frequency high voltage generator, ultra-low frequency AC high voltage test device, ultra-low frequency voltage withstand test device

Product Parameters

Technical parameter

Output frequency 0.1Hz, 0.05Hz, 0.02Hz
Carrying capacity See table below
Measurement accuracy 3%
Voltage positive, negative peak error ≤3%
Voltage waveform distortion ≤5%
Conditions of use Temperature: -10°C~+40°C
Humidity: ≤85%RH
Language category Chinese and English display, other languages can be customized
Working temperature

Frequency 50Hz, voltage 220V5%. If the portable generator is used for power supply, the generator requirements are: frequency 50Hz, voltage 220V5%, the generator power should refer to the table below,

And a resistive load (such as an electric furnace) with a power of no less than 800W is connected to the output end of the generator in order to stabilize the running speed of the generator. Otherwise the instrument will not work properly work.

Comparison of mechanical and electronic performance of 0.1Hz voltage test equipment

0.1Hz Voltage resistant device type High pressure control system High voltage waveform Energy saving noise Mechanical life Electrical life
Mechanical type High voltage mechanical switch toggles polarity Square wave No energy saving: the excess energy is consumed with high-power resistance high short short
Electronic type High voltage electronic switches switch polarity Sinusoidal wave Energy conservation: Excess power is fed back into the grid slight There is no long

Performance comparison of various pressure test equipment

Comparative content Power frequency withstand voltage Variable frequency voltage resistance Withstand voltage 0.1Hz Dc voltage resistance
equivalence good good good In general
Insulation destructiveness small small small larger
Operational safety lower lower high lower
Test connection complex complex simple simple
Equipment volume maximum larger small small

Ultra-low frequency series products

Model number Rated voltage Carrying capacity Power supply fuse Generator power Product structure, weight
VLF-30kV 30kV(peak) 0.1Hz, 1.1F 10A >3kW Controller: 4kg, booster: 25kg
VLF-40kV 40kV(peak) 0.1Hz,0.8F 15A >4kW Controller: 4kg, booster: 25kg
VLF-50kV 50kV(peak) 0.1Hz0.7F 20A >5kW Controller: 4kg, booster: 35kg
VLF-60kV 60kV(peak) 0.1Hz,0.6F 25A >6kW Controller: 4kg, booster: 45kg
VLF-80kV 80kV(peak) 0.1Hz,0.5F 30A >8kW Controller: 4kg, booster: 50kg
VLF-90kV 90kV(peak) 0.1Hz,0.4F 30A >9kW Controller: 4kg, booster: 55kg

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Product Certificate

Enterprise products in strict accordance with international and national standards and rules of industry production, through the national, provincial and municipal electric power research institute and electric power authorities detection, measuring center, fully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the licence for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China, GB/T19001-2016 quality management system requirements, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system requirements, GB/T45001-2020 occupational health and safety management system requirements.

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