Series resonance booster

XZB-H AC Resonant Test System for CVT

Adjustable resonance device for field calibration of capacitive voltage transformers up to 500kV

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Product Introduction

Capacitive voltage transformer (CVT) in calibration, the test must be conducted under the condition of 50Hz frequency, complex geographical condition on site at the same time, the traditional experiment device is difficult to meet the requirements of on-site handling, testing, series resonance booster device is first used in domestic field tunable resonance device, has been widely used in domestic 500 kv and below the field calibration of capacitor voltage transformer.

product names:Resonant booster for CVT inspection, frequency conversion booster, frequency conversion Series booster, Series resonance transformer, Series resonance transformer, transformer calibration Series resonance booster, Series resonance test equipment, Series resonance booster

Product Parameters

Technical parameters

Rated Capacity 80kVA
rated voltage 160kV
Adjustable inductance range 65~130H
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated current 0.5A
Adjustable gap range 0~300mm
Note:Rated Capacity

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Product Characteristics

Series resonance booster Series resonance booster Series resonance booster Series resonance booster Series resonance booster

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Product Certificate

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