HTDR-H Automatic Capacitance Bridge Tester

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HTDR-H adopts a new generation of high-speed mixing microprocessors, highly integrated, simultaneous collect the tested objects’ voltage signals and current signals, automatically calculate the capacitance value, the inductance value and reactive power value. Field measurement capacitor without removing the connecting wire, simplifying the testing process, improve efficiency and avoid damage to electrical equipment. After finished the test, automatically calculate capacitance value of each phase and other parameters, can easily distinguish the capacitor quality and connecting conductors faults among components. At the same time, the instrument with data storage and USB communication functions, can ensure the measuring data integrity.


1.Instrument equipped with high-current high-precision current clamp, field measurement capacitor without removing the cable, simplifying the testing process, improve efficiency and avoid damage to electrical equipment.
2.After the three-phase test is completed , automatically calculate the capacitance value of each phase and the total capacitance value , reactive power and other parameters, simple and intuitive , reducing the burden on the tester.
3.Four-terminal measurement: The four-terminal measurement techniques, measurement accuracy, repeatability good
4.Automatic Compensation: current automatic segmentation compensation, current full scale linearly, improve measurement precision
5.Storage features: Max Storage 400 instrument data, historical data query capabilities. 
6.USB communication: USB communication functions with the PC.
7.Large Touch Screen: 7-inch color touch -screen LCD display, intuitive interface, easy to operate.
8.Temperature monitoring: monitor ambient temperature, easy to record values of capacitors at different temperatures. 


Capacitance measurement range and accuracy

Capacitance measurement range0.1uF3300uF

Accuracy±reading ×1%+0.005uF


Power supply and Test Power

Power supplyAC 220V±10%50Hz

Output voltage (open circuit)AC 23V±10%50Hzcapacitance

Maximum output current20A

Output short circuit protection: Automatic

Working conditions, dimension and weight

Temperature-10+40 relative humidity≤90%

Dimension (host)400×290×175mmweight9.5kg

Out case dimension340×260×135mmweight3.6kg


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