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  • HTJC-W Wireless Insulator Voltage Distribution Detector

    The instrument used to test the charged suspension insulators or laboratory testing suspension insulator, can effectively find hidden faults inside of insulator, improve the reliability of power system operation and improve the efficiency of charged testing for workers

  • HTYM-H Conductance Salt Density Tester

    HTYM-H designed for insulator salt density. System built insulator salt density equivalent formulas, intuitive readings. Use rotating mouse, easy to operate. It is with mini printer, convenient for data to store and compare. Built-in high -capacity lithium battery, easy field-site testing.

  • HTHM-H Insulator Soluble Deposit Density Tester

    The contamination of insulator surface contains soluble and insoluble components. NSDD is the ratio of insoluble component and surface area of insulator surface layer contamination, is different with the defilement of soluble components (measured in equivalent salt deposit density (ESDD)), Due to the degree of salt density and soluble density of the pollution relations in 5 - 10 times, same salt density diffe...

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