DC Hipot Test Set

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  • ZGF Integrated DC Hipot Test Set

    The instrument adopts high frequency voltage doubling circuit, using the latest PWM pulse width modulation technology and the voltage and current double closed loop feedback technology to improve the power supply adjustment rate and load regulation rate, so that the voltage stability is high, the ripple is small. The high quality and portability of DC high voltage generator is realized by using imported high powe...

  • ZGF DC High Voltage Test Set

    This product adopts new technique, new material and new component with features of high output power, small volume, light weight, etc. And it is with the function of stable over-voltage, over-current, zero position switching protection, 0.75 times voltage latch function, equipped with time relay, can set audio alarm when testing. The whole device is reliable, easy to operate and carry, especially applies to the p...

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