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  • HTBNZ-V Battery Tester

    HTBNZ-V is a new generation of battery tester with touch-screen. It is strictly designed to evaluate and maintain all stationary power systems including Uninterruptible Power System.  Via accurate testing of resistance and voltage, it gives an indication of battery capacity and technical status. The measurement data can be read on the instrument display directly. And it can also be uploaded to PC si...

  • HT305 Infrared Radiation Thermometer

    HT305 infrared radiation thermometer adopts ultra-low-power intelligent design that ensure able to work longer, for the user to reduce troubles with frequent battery replacement and less electricity. Intelligent design help users to test more easily and to capture the true value of the measured object more quickly, while the instrument can intelligently select battery-powered or USB connection powered.

  • HTi160A Thermal Infrared Imager

    HTi160A Thermal infrared imager takes the advanced infrared detector with UFPA Uncooled focal plane and high-quality optical lenses as the core, combined with convenient operating system, leading ergonomic structure design and expansion accessories with perfect functions. It is an ideal temperature measurement tool with "clear imaging, accurate measurement, simple operation, and portable to carry" for applicable ...

  • FDB Discharge Sphere Gap

    Discharge sphere gap are a pair of spherical electrode in same diameter, it used to test and protect measured equipment in frequency high voltage test together with high voltage test transformer, console, voltage regulator and water resistance.

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