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  • HT2550 Pointer Insulation Resistance Tester

    With the rapid development of China's power industry, electrical equipment preventive experiment is an important part in protecting the safety operation of power system and maintenance. Insulation diagnosis is an important method to detect insulation defects or failure. Pointer insulation resistance tester is the special instrument to measure insulation resistance. JJG662-89 "insulation resistance meter (megger)"...

  • HTDW-3A Ground Network Earth Resistance Tester

    Currently in the power system, it is mainly used frequency large current three-pole measurements to test the ground network earth resistance. In order to prevent frequency interference generated by the power grid operation, to improve the accuracy of the measurement results, insulation preventive test code states: the test current of frequency large current method shall not be less than 30A. Thus, the test equipm...

  • HTYBS-H Automatic Closed Flash Point Measuring Device

    HTYBS-H Automatic closed flash point measuring device, with a touch screen replace the keyboard. It can detect the closed flash point value of petroleum products. Adopts foreign advanced technology, the large-screen LCD display, it is prompted to enter by full-screen touch buttons; it is convenient, open, fuzzy control integration software, modular structure, in line with the national standard, the United Sta...

  • HT305 Infrared Radiation Thermometer

    HT305 infrared radiation thermometer adopts ultra-low-power intelligent design that ensure able to work longer, for the user to reduce troubles with frequent battery replacement and less electricity. Intelligent design help users to test more easily and to capture the true value of the measured object more quickly, while the instrument can intelligently select battery-powered or USB connection powered.

  • HTFJ-3H SF6 Decomposition Tester

    SF6 decomposition tester integrates SO2, H2S, and CO analyzers as one. One time field measurement can complete the two detections, greatly save the gas in the device, which can save 1/2 of gas usage, while reduce the user's workload and improve work efficiency.

  • SMG3000 Three Phase Meter

    SMG3000 Three phase Meter a high precision instrument for measurement of three-phase electric parameters, it can be used to measure the three phase voltage, current and phase angle, frequency, power, power factor and so on.

  • HTDS-V Live Cable Identification Instrument

    This product is mainly used for accurate identification of the site with more cables. In order to overcome Significant power outage or personal safety accident caused by a trial tie error or saw fault cable, greatly improve the efficiency of construction and maintenance, is the common cable identification device upgrading products. This product can be used in DC and AC, more convenient.

  • HT-702 Secondary Injection Relay Test Set

    HT-702 comes with a large LCD display and flexible rotating mouse controller. If coupled with computer to run the powerful operating functions. Small size, high accuracy. With superior performance, advanced features, but also has a small tester compact and flexible, easy operation and high reliability.

  • HTGK-IV HV Switch Tester

    HTGK-IV takes SCM as core to sample, process and output, intelligent, multi-function, data accurate , strong anti-interference , simple operation, small size, light weight , beautiful appearance , etc. It applies to a variety of indoor, outdoor dynamic characteristics test for less oil, more oil switches, vacuum switches, and SF6 switches. The biggest difference in this high-voltage switch dynamic characteristics...

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