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  • SMG2000E Double Clamp Digital Phase Meter

    SMG20000E Double Clamp Digital Phase Meter is special designed for testing voltage, current and phase onsite, it is in high-precision, low price, portable hand-held, dual-channel input measuring products. It’s easy to measure the phase between U-U, I-I and U-I, identify the inductive circuit ,capacitive circuit and the phase sequence of three-phase voltage, detect the wiring group of transformer, test the sec...

  • HTDS-H Cable Identification Instrument

    HTDS-H Cable identification instrument is special used to identify a particular cable from a bundle of cables. The cable identification instrument is a compact instrument, which is arranged in an aluminum alloy box, and is composed by a signal generator, a receiver with a sensor and a connecting wire.

  • HTGK-III Breaker Analyzer

    HTGK-III takes SCM as core to sample, process and output, intelligent, multi-function, data accurate , strong anti-interference , simple operation, small size, light weight , beautiful appearance , etc. It applies to a variety of indoor, outdoor dynamic characteristics test for less oil, more oil switches, vacuum switches, and SF6 switches.

  • HTZZ-40A Transformer Resistance Meter

    DC resistance measurement of transformer winding is an essential test project during transformer delivery, repair and changing tapping switch. Usually, it is a time consuming task to use traditional methods (bridge method and voltage drop method) to measure transformer winding and DC resistance of high-power inductive device. In order to change this situation: shorten measurement time and reduce the staff’s w...

  • YDQ Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Test Set (Gas type)

    YDQ series are essential equipment during electrical equipment tests and preventive tests. With the development of China's power industry, people required higher about the voltage class of testing transformer, and the traditional oil / dry type test transformer cannot meet the requirement in volume, weight, and functions. With the development of Chinese basic scientific research, the appliance of new material...

  • AC Resonant Test System (for Substation Equipment)

    Transformer, GIS, SF6 switch, CT/PT, insulator, bus bar, cable, bushing, and others capacitive devices are the common primary electric equipment. Composed by power control cabinet, excitation transformer, reactor, voltage divider, connects silicon rectifier stack and micro ammeter with the voltage divider, then can finish the DC voltage withstand test.

  • HJ Series Standard Voltage Transformer

    This product is an self-boosting, integrated and combined type voltage transformer which special designed for basic power supply and product department. We supply gas-filled standard voltage transformer and dry type standard voltage transformer.

  • GM-5KV Adjustable Insulation Resistance Meter

    For safety, before use the instrument must be well earthed. That’s because the measured target connects to high voltage power, and exists power frequency leakage.  Once high voltage has started, do not use manual discharge method to check the instrument. After test, please wait the instrument completes automatic discharge and automatically returns to zero, then manual discharge can be operated. That is ...

  • HT2671 Digit Megohmmeter

    HT2671 Digit Megohmmeter consists of medium and large scale integrated circuit with high output power and high short-circuit current value features. The output voltage is up to four grades. The built-in battery served as power supply become high DC voltage by DC/DC transformation, which goes from E pole to L pole via the object being tested. By this way, it produces a current from pole E to pole L, which converte...

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