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  • YDJ DC/AC Dielectric Test System (Oil immersed)

    YDJ series oil immersed testing transformer is based on the Electromechanical department’s “testing transformer” standard and through foundation of productions, we make great progress, and YDJ series testing transformer and national standard-T-9641-1999 and through our promotion. This series of product has the benefits of light, portable, well structure, multi-functional and convenient properties. Especially appl...

  • GTB AC Hipot Test Set (Dry type)

    This instrument is also known as the booster, it is the essential device for power generation and supply equipment test, various electrical products test and electric strength test of insulation materials. Dry Type Test Transformer series produced by our company completely overcome the old-fashioned shortcoming that it is bulky, heavy. Equipped with high-voltage silicon stack produced by our company, the inst...

  • YDQ Power Frequency Withstand Voltage Test Set (Gas type)

    YDQ series are essential equipment during electrical equipment tests and preventive tests. With the development of China's power industry, people required higher about the voltage class of testing transformer, and the traditional oil / dry type test transformer cannot meet the requirement in volume, weight, and functions. With the development of Chinese basic scientific research, the appliance of new material...

  • XC/TC Control cabinet/console

    This product is special corollary equipment for our AC hipot testers. The operation cabinet is convenient to use, safe, reliable, strong and durable, with high performance, beautiful outlook, easy to carry. Necessary equipment for supply companies, large factories, metallurgy, power plants, railways and other required electrical maintenance department.

  • HTGY Automatic Operation Cabinet

    HTGY series automatic operation Cabinet is produced special equipment for light test transformer, easy to maintenance, superior performance, safety and reliability, good structure, durable, easy to move, etc. It is necessary equipment for supply enterprises, large factories, metallurgy, power plants, railways and other electricity maintenance department. It uses advanced microelectronic processing techniques,...

  • HTNY-H Portable Hipot Tester

    This product is suitable for all kinds of motor, electrical appliance, instruments and household appliances, and high voltage system of the safety voltage and leakage current test. The instrument has the advantages of convenient operation, safety, reliability, good performance and convenient maintenance.

  • HTTX-HI Insulating Boots (Gloves) Withstand Voltage Test Equipment (Auto)

    HTTX-HI Insulating Boots (Gloves) Withstand Voltage Test Equipment, on the basis of insulating boots (gloves) test regulations and customers’ opinions,  is designed by our company. The application of fully automatic step-up (step-down) to this equipment makes it automatically read out all leakage currents of tested objects, automatically complete the entire process and automatically print test data, which no...

  • SGB-C AC&DC Digital HV Meter

    This series products are general purpose HV measuring instruments, apply in power system, Electronic Equipment Factory to test frequency AC high voltage and DC high voltage. This product is composed by HV measuring part and LV display instrument. They use supporting cable to connect.

  • DDG Primary Current Injection Test Set

    DDG is essential equipment used for electrical debugging to generate high current, which be widely used in power plants, power distribution stations, electrical plants , scientific research, laboratories and other units. It is a short-term or intermittent work device and characterized by small size, light weight, good performance, easy use and maintenance.

  • SBF Triple Frequency Induced Withstand Voltage Test Set

    This equipment is widely used in power systems 35-220kV series PT AC voltage test, to test the insulation resistance of main and secondary PT, meanwhile induction test to small motor or transformer windings; also available as 150Hz power supply for short time.

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