Kinematic viscometer

HTYND-H Kinematic viscometer

Suitable for measuring the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products

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product brief introduction Product Introduction

Kinematic viscometerIt is a special test instrument designed and manufactured according to the national standard gb265-88 determination method of kinematic viscosity of petroleum products,Suitable for measuring the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products。The instrument has a timing sample movement time,self-motionCalculate the final result of kinematic viscosity。This method is suitable for measuring the kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products (referring to Newtonian liquid) in the unit ofm2/s,Is usually used in practice asmm2/s。The dynamic viscosity can be obtained by multiplying the measured kinematic viscosity by the density of the liquid。This method is to measure the time of a certain volume of liquid flowing through a calibrated glass capillary viscometer under gravity at a certain constant temperature. The product of the capillary constant of the viscometer and the flow time is to determine the kinematic viscosity of the liquid at this temperature。The product of the kinematic viscosity at that temperature and the density of the liquid at the same temperature is the dynamic viscosity at that temperature。

Product nickname:kinematic viscosityself-motiontester、Kinematic viscometer、kinematic viscosity recogizer、full-automaticKinematic viscometer、self-motionKinematic viscometer

Product Parameter Product Parameters

technical parameters

Liquid bath hole number 4 well
temperature controlprecision ≤±0.1℃
temperature control点 20℃、40℃、60℃、80℃、100℃、120℃
input power AC220V±10V 50Hz
heating power 1800W
assistheating power 800W
rev 0~4000r/min
environment temperature 0℃~40℃
relative humidity <80%

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product features Product Characteristics

Kinematic viscometer Kinematic viscometer Kinematic viscometer

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Product Certificate

Enterprise products in strict accordance with international and national standards and rules of industry production, through the national, provincial and municipal electric power research institute and electric power authorities detection, measuring center, fully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the licence for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China, GB/T19001-2016 quality management system requirements, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system requirements, GB/T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system requirements.

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