Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System

HTXL-Y Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System

Fast and accurate measurement of positive sequence capacitance, positive sequence impedance, zero sequence capacitance, zero sequence impedance and other parameters of the line

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Product Introduction

In the traditional power line frequency parameter test of the transmission line, a three-phase auto-coupling transformer and a large-capacity isolation transformer are used to provide a test power supply, and the CT and PT for power measurement are used for electrical signal conversion, and finally the pointer-type high-precision power test instrument is used. (Electrometer, voltmeter and power meter) measure each electrical parameter, and finally calculate the power frequency parameter test result of the transmission line. The Complete set test equipment is bulky, heavy, and requires the cooperation of cranes, etc., which is not conducive to field work, and because the test power supply is a power frequency power supply, it is easy to mix with the coupled power frequency interference signals, resulting in a large measurement. The error requires a significant increase in the signal-to-noise ratio and further increases the capacity and volume requirements of the power supply.

Currently, the Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System, which is not available in the market, does not provide a test power supply. The test process still requires a large power frequency power supply device, which still cannot work normally under strong interference conditions, and even burns the instrument in severe cases. This type of instrument is just a replacement for the traditional meter, which enables test and calculation automation, but it can not solve the fundamental problem of anti-interference in measurement and bulky three-phase power supply equipment.

With the development of the power grid and the tightness of the land in the corridors, the situation of multiple erections on the same pole is becoming more and more common. The coupling between the transmission lines is getting closer and closer. The interference in the power frequency parameters of the transmission lines is getting stronger and stronger. In order to influence the accuracy of the test and the safety of the test equipment, Huatian Electric Power developed a new generation of Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System, integrated with the inter-frequency test power supply, measuring instruments, mathematical models in one, eliminating strong The influence of interference ensures the safety of instruments and equipment, and it is extremely convenient, fast and accurate to measure the power frequency parameters of transmission lines.

Product nickname:Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System,Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System

Product Parameters

Technical Parameters

Instrument power supply Three phase, AC380V ± 10%, 15A, 50Hz (RMS)
Internal inter-frequency power supply characteristics of the instrument Maximum output voltage Three phase, 0 to 200V (effective value <±1%)
Maximum output current 5A
Output frequency 47.5Hz,52.5Hz (<±0.1Hz)
Active power 47.5Hz,52.5Hz (<±0.1Hz)
Maximum output power Three-phase 3 × 3kW (9kW)
Capable of measuring two-phase lines (including DC transmission lines and electrified railway traction lines)
Measuring range capacitance 0.1~30μF
impedance 0.1~400Ω
Impedance angle 0°~360°
Line lengths from 0.3km to 400km should be stable and accurate
Measurement resolution capacitance 0.01μF
impedance 0.01Ω
Impedance angle 0.01°
Measurement accuracy capacitance ±1% reading ±0.01μF at ≥1μF
<±1% reading ±0.01μF at 1μF
impedance ≥±1% reading ±0.01Ω at 1Ω
<±1 reading ±0.01Ω at 1Ω
Impedance angle Test conditions: current>0.1A
Protective function

The instrument has protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage and grounding.

The instrument panel is equipped with three-phase insurance. The over-current and over-voltage are safe to protect the safety of the instrument and the safety of the operator.

As required, the ground terminal of the instrument is reliably grounded, and the instrument will not be burned out.

Waveform distortion rate Sine wave, distortion rate<2%。
Insulation performance, seismic performance Insulation resistance(MΩ)
Power supply input Greater than 10 MΩ
Current output Greater than 10 MΩ
Voltage measuring end Greater than 10 MΩ
Compressive strength 1.5kV,1min,No breakdown and arcing; satisfying long-distance, poor road transport, reliable and stable test after 0.5m drop test in the laboratory
Anti-interference parameter Anti-interference current

When the first and last ends of the line are shorted to ground, it is not less than 50A.

The test can be performed stably and accurately under the condition that the ratio of the output signal of the instrument to the interference signal is 1:10.

It has the function of testing the power frequency parameters of two-phase lines.

weight Host65Kg
Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test SystemUse environment Use environment:Ambient temperature:-15℃~40℃;Relative humidity:≤90%

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Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System Transmission Line Different Frequency Parameters Test System

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Product Certificate

Enterprise products in strict accordance with international and national standards and rules of industry production, through the national, provincial and municipal electric power research institute and electric power authorities detection, measuring center, fully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the licence for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China, GB/T19001-2016 quality management system requirements, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system requirements, GB/T28001-2011 occupational health and safety management system requirements.

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